The Birth of Casinos

Most of us think that casinos are something which was started very recently to entertain people. But gambling has been there in the world way long ago, and people enjoyed getting together and waging money on card games. No one really knows the origin of gambling, but people believe that the Chinese were the first ones to have recorded the act of gambling.

The initial casinos:

Even though the practice of gambling was prominent among people, there was no specific place where gamblers could gather around and wage their money on the game. There were gambling dens and halls, but there was no designated place which was officially considered as a place where people can gamble. In the year 1638, Casino di Venezia was opened officially by the local council as a place where people could go and gamble legally. The council made sure that it organised trouble free gambling events and you can even find this casino today standing by sevocative canals of the city.

The word casino was coined only by the 18th century, and soon people started to build buildings for games. Many countries like Germany and few others in Europe started to develop large casinos for elite gamblers, and these buildings were built extravagantly.

Casinos in Las Vegas:

When we think of Las Vegas, we immediately associate it with casinos. The city of lights is the home for many casinos, and it has an endless attraction for tourists and gamblers from all over the world. But back in the year, 1905 casinos were non-existent in Las Vegas, and gambling was done only in saloon bars. The state of Nevada had railroad workers who were laying tracks to connect Las Vegas city to the other parts of the country, and at the end of the day they wanted some entertainment and started to gamble with cards. By the year 1910, the state outlawed gambling but tables were set up everywhere, and people were gambling illegally.

Many illegal casinos grew on a large scale and gained so much popularity that the state had to legalise gambling. In the year 1941, a casino was built in the city which included an all singing and dancing resort, and there were also other sources of entertainment apart from gambling. The casinos had two blackjack tables, a roulette table, a craps table and many slot machines. The casino also had swimming pools and horse riding, and this casino became the catalyst for the sin city to boom.

Online casinos:

Real-time casinos have bloomed into a brilliant business, and it remains as one of the top tourist attraction in today’s world. As the internet came into the picture, online casinos were introduced, and people now have the opportunity to play their favourite games at the comforts of their home. As online casinos allow its users to interact with other players on the site, it is quite convenient for many people to wage their money on various games.

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